Sunday, February 05, 2006

Support the fight for the liberation of humanity!

Brothers and sisters,

It is becoming clearer to all of us that the world we live in is falling deeper and deeper into an economic and political crisis.

The U.S. government continues to wage its racist, imperialist “war on terror” – which has already killed hundreds of thousands in the forced colonizations of Iraq and Afghanistan – and is stepping up its aggression towards Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba.

The capitalist ruling classes in every country of the world are waging an intense, one-sided attack on the already low living standards of working people and their oppressed allies.

The brave Iraqi, Afghan, and Palestinian people continue to resist imperialism by the means available to them.

A genocide continues in Sudan, tens of thousands of Black people remain enslaved in Mauritania, and Ethiopia and Eritrea are on the verge of another war.

Revolutionaries continue to fight for the overthrow of the oppressive social systems in the civil wars of Nepal, Colombia, and the Philippines.

Global warming, caused by the capitalist ruling classes’ complete disregard for the natural environment in their constant drive for more and more profits which has wrecked and ravaged our planet, has lead the sea level and the earth’s surface temperature to rise, and has caused the spread of disease, desertification, massive reductions in the ozone layer, and the increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events.

The inability and unwillingness of the governments of the world to respond to catastrophic natural disasters has laid bare the complete bankruptcy of the capitalist system – a system based on increasing profits by any means necessary, so that an elite minority can become richer and richer while the majority (who actually creates all wealth!) falls deeper into suffering.

The majority of the people of the world are extremely poor and uneducated, tens of thousands starve to death every day, women are abused, oppressed, and mistreated, ethnic minorities are murdered and discriminated against, millions are imprisoned in horrific conditions, and lesbians, and gay, bisexual, and transgender people are persecuted.

There is a solution! A much better world for all of us is possible! All of these conditions can be overturned by genuine socialist revolution, waged by the workers, peasants, and other oppressed people of the world.

Our organization, the Free People’s Movement – an international revolutionary movement of the working class and its allies which bases its work and outlook on the failures and achievements of the past (and the lessons they have taught us), and on the living, and constantly developing, revolutionary scientific theory of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels – fights for that solution!

Our members in the Dominican Republic, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, and United States – as well as our supporters in many other countries all over the world – have united with their fellow workers and oppressed people in their every struggle for a better life, anda much better world.

We distribute our publications (and other educational material) to every continent on earth on a regular basis. We have launched three successful educational campaigns, held educational classes, stood on picket lines with striking workers, defended abortion clinics from right-wing religious fundamentalists, defended immigrant workers in the United States and Dominican Republic from racist attacks, defended New Yorkers from unconstitutional searches and police brutality, fought to oust the corrupt and repressive regime of Gloria Magapagal Arroyo in the Philippines, fought to free political prisoners, took part in wildcat strikes and informational pickets, and participated in a countless number of protests and demonstrations – and that is only some of what we’ve done!

We feel confident in saying that in our three and a half years of existence, we (along with our comrades in fraternal organizations in the International Working People’s Association) have accomplished more than many so-called leftist groups have been willing, or able to, in decades of work.

It is with all of this in mind that we ask you to give whatever you can to help us as we continue in the fight of, and for, all of us.

Your contribution will used for:

  • The launching of a world-wide education campaign during the summer of 2006. This will be by far our largest such effort to date. Hundreds of thousands of copies of important works like The Communist Manifesto (with a great introduction that explains communism in a fashion all can understand), translated into several languages, will be distributed free of charge to the people that most need to be exposed to them, by our members and supporters in North, South and Central America, Asia, Africa, & Europe. They will hold educational classes, show movies, and unite with tens of thousands of workers & other oppressed people in their daily struggles.

  • The construction of a pedagogical institute (in which quality education will be provided free of charge) in the Dominican Republic. The volunteer teaching staff will also participate in literacy and other educational campaigns throughout rural parts of the country.

  • The improvement and expansion of the public library of the Tamil Nadu, India branch of our movement, and the creation of a new quarterly Tamil language newspaper.

  • The vast expansion of the printing and distribution of our publications: The Free Press (our bi-monthly English language newspaper), ¡Ya Basta! (our bi-monthly Spanish language newspaper), Liberation (our bi-yearly political journal), Resistance Radio (our audio broadcasts, distributed in CD form), Truth Video Magazine (our educational video series), and Rebel Yell! (the quarterly newspaper of the Revolutionary Youth). Our free subscriptions to prisoners program will also be greatly expanded.

  • The relocation of a very dedicated comrade (and his family), who were recently evicted from their dwelling in the Dominican Republic.

  • The expansion of the public resource library of the Connecticut, U.S. branch of our movement (located inside the Behind The Rocks Infoshop in Hartford, Connecticut), and improvement of our program of providing healthy food and clothing to people in need.

  • The relocation of the International Outreach Committee’s center. The center will be moved to a new area in New York City where its extensive resource library will made available to the public. Educational classes and movie showings will also be held there.

We ask that you please give what you can today. We need solid and reliable funding to cover the cost of this ambitious and exciting work. There is no way we can undertake any of the above projects with these funds. We also urge you to continue to donate monthly, for as long as you can. Give whatever you can, whether it be a dollar or $1,000 dollars. Ask yourself what freedom, justice, and equality is worth. Ask yourself what your money would be spent on if you don’t donate. Is it worth more than the most important struggle in the world?

With your help (and only with your help!), we can extend education and assistance to our fellow workers & other oppressed people all around the world, and unite with them in struggle for the liberation of humanity!

With sincere thanks,
For freedom, justice, and equality,
The Free People's Movement


To donate with a credit card or check via PayPal, visit this page.

If you are unable to donate with a credit card or check via PayPal, send well concealed cash, check, or money order (made out to our financial agent Karen Vinculado) to:

c/o K Vinculado
Grand Central Station
PO Box 694
New York, NY, USA 10163-0694

To make arrangements to donate monthly, make your first donation above, then email us at


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Very noble cause - I plan on donating $ some very soon.
Keep up the good work!

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